Saturday, 18 July 2009 21:14

Freehand #103, Blasted Dublin

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Sold, thanks!

Grade C
Height: 1.72" (44 mm)
Diameter front to back: 1.74 " (44 mm)
Diameter side to side: 1.30" (33 mm)
Overall Length: 5.55" (141 mm)
Chamber Diameter: .68" (17 mm)
Chamber Depth: 1.4" (35 mm)
Weight: .95 oz (28 grams)

Made from Italian Plateaux with a hand cut Cumberland Stem and integral tenon. A small but graceful Dublin. Sleek, with a nautical prow fore and aft. Extremely light with modest bowl capacity. Nice ring grain completely around the bowl and along the shank.

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