Tuesday, 03 March 2009 15:43

St. Louis, the Gateway to Pipemaking Progress

The St. Louis Pipe Club hosted another great show Saturday. While I don’t have a long history at pipe shows, St. Louis was the first, and has so far been the most encouraging. It seems to be a good fit in terms of size and clientele, and for the third year running this show has marked my progress.

To explain, the St. Louis show falls on my pipe making anniversary. At the 2007 show, after my first year of making pipes and after the excitement of attending my first pipe show I made a commitment (to myself) to work toward being as good a pipe maker as I have in me. Only time will tell what that actually means, but it’s rewarding, encouraging, and just plan fun to see the progress year to year using this show as marker.

This year’s progress has me encouraged and very hopeful. As with all pipe gatherings, it’s great to see old friends, meet new ones, and in these uncertain economic times, it was especially encouraging to place four pipes I was proud of into the welcoming hands of fellow enthusiasts after they carefully compared them against the other worthy offerings of my mentors and peers. What a wonderful day!

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