Friday, 03 September 2010 02:37

2010 Pipe Show Update, St. Louis!

It's been so long since I posted news to the site--I'm afraid I'm a bit behind. 2010 has been a very exciting year so far! As usual it started with the St. Louis pipe show in February, which is always great fun, and has also served as the yearly marker in my wonderful adventure of pipe making. This year I drove up the day before the show instead of leaving at 4AM the morning of. As well as a little more sleep, this allowed me to take advantage of the club's hospitality suite at the hotel. It was great to wind down after the drive by sharing a pipe or two with friends.

I had an excellent show in St. Louis this year, which marked my fourth year of pipe making, and my third year of displaying pipes in St. Louis. It's one of the few remaining shows where one can smoke in the exhibit area itself, which is wonderful! It was great to see old friends, and make new friends.

 For a smallish show it was very busy, especially in the morning. I was in the same location as 2009, right next to Hermit Tobacco and near the long row of windows. I like the natural light that adds throughout the exhibit hall, and it's especially nice on the pipe tables! Bob Callaway, Jay Milton, and their staff did another excellent job with the show this year. Many of the pipes I brought found homes, some with good old friends, like Mark Hendrickson, who couldn't resist a large blasted billiard (#101, the brother of #100, which he had commissioned--I thought that might happen!), and Bob Herr who nabbed Freehand #105, a smooth egg with a Black and White Ebony endcap. And new friends, Jerry Crisswell who bought #94, a  blasted volcano, and David LoConto who bought #97, a sanblasted egg with a boxwood accent. Thanks friends!
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