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2010 Pipe Show Update, Kansas City and Beyond!

What a great show! The Greater Kansas City Pipe Club (GKCPC), after a year off, came back with a wonderful pipe show in late June. Clinton Wells and his team put together a fantastic show. No effort was spared, and  I think the club was hoping for a better turn out, and deserved it with all the work they put in. This is a show to watch. It will grow and thrive once they find the right dates and venue. The members of the GKCPC are a great group of guys, with many well educated and sophisticated collectors who own a lot of beautiful pipes, and they're a tremendous hang--what a blast! I had a  fantastic show! I sold very well, and had a wonderful time in the process.

So many things happened at this show for me, but one that may prove pivotal was having Neill Archer Roan purchase Freehand #118, A Smooth Apple with a boxwood endcap. I have followed Neill's blog, A Passion For Pipes for some time, and with great interest. He is thoughtful and articulate and has earned a significant voice in our little World of pipes. Neill was also the keynote speaker at the Saturday night banquet, and I have to say it was one of the most engaging presentations I have seen. Neill has done a tremendous amount of research, thinking, and writing on the aesthetics of the pipe as well as the experience of smoking and collecting them, and he loves sharing his passion with others. Neill featured #118 and its maker in his blog, Scott Thile's Journey. Do I seem happy? Oh, I am. Neill, like many of you, represents the type of discerning collector I've been hoping my work would appeal to, and while I've been very fortunate to have many of you buy pipes, I think this year's work has at least partially validated your decisions to take a risk on some of my earlier efforts.

Joe_me_116 And I was equally excited when Don Fuhr, himself an up and coming pipe maker bought #111, a smooth Poker with a Holy accent, and Joe Ketcherside bought #116, a nice little blasted apple with a Boxwood endcap (I bet I could have sold that pipe several times), and Carl Staudenmyer finally pulled the trigger after checking out my pipes at several shows and bought #115, a smooth Volcano with a boxwood accent, and my entry into the show's first pipe carving contest.

Kansas City  is a special show in that the club has decided to focus their efforts on attracting and featuring American pipe makers. This year marked the first where they did that in part with a pipe making contest, which was a huge success. Look for a feature in an upcoming Pipes and Tobacco magazine issue about this event. The theme this year was Volcanoes, seven of which were chosen by the judges to become part of a special 7 day set, which was then raffled off.

I had some great visits at the show. Todd Johnson and Bruce Weaver were there, and it was great to visit with them. I also met Keith Moore from Uptowns Smoke Shop, who expressed an interest in carrying my pipes and was very helpful and encouraging in critiquing several of them.

As if this were not enough, while I was in Kansas City I had several E-mails from a new friend and collector in Romania who bought two pipes while I was at the show and commissioned three more! While I was on vacation and after getting home I sold all the rest of my available pipes off of the website, I think several of them due in large part to the buzz that resulted from events at the show. Thanks to all of you for making this wonderful adventure of mine possible! Speaking of which, I need to get this posted and work on a pipe!

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