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Three Christmas Pipes for 3 fine sons

We're blessed to have three wonderful sons that each smoke pipes. I try to give each of them a pipe for Christmas, and hopefully one for each of their birthdays. Here is the trio of S.E. Thile pipes that found their way into the collections of my sons for Christmas.

Freehand #83, the small blasted egg on the bottom was actually made in 2009 and has been sitting on my desk ever since. It's gone to my middle son, John, who likes an easy clincher to smoke while he works on the computer. This pipe is very light and well balanced. Since I smoke while I work on pipes I'd been wanting to keep if for myself, but since I had yet to pull the trigger I decided it should be his instead and finished it up for Christmas.

NYC2Freehand #131, the blasted Volcano with a boxwood accent is a bit different than any other Volcano I've made so far. It is full bent and has a very nice tight ring grain blast. Chris is a new pipe smoker and this is his second pipe. I have to say, it looks great on him! Here he is with his new pipe and the beautiful scarf my wife, Kathy knitted him for Christmas.

Freehand #132, the blasted Apple with a square shank and boxwood endcap has become a very popular shape for me.  Daniel, my youngest son, has smoked a pipe for a while and had a few S.E. Thile pipes that were stollen. #132 is the start of his new collection.

See the gallery for lots more photographs:
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