Sunday, 04 March 2007 15:12

Announcing the S.E. THILE Opus Series

Announcing the S.E.THILE Opus Series : Plans for the Opus series are now taking shape (literally). The Opus series is comprised of catalog shapes. While each pipe will be unique, like all musical performances are unique, these are shapes I make on a regular basis. May I have the envelope please..and the first two Opus series shapes are...

Opus #1, The PokerBash Blast. This has been my most popular shape---gratifying in that as far as I know it is unique to me. Etudes 11, 15, and 19 contributed to the development of Opus 1. I have had numerous offers to buy Etude 15, which is no longer available.

Unfortunately for me, it is a rare block of plateaux that lends itself to this shape. It must be tail, and it must yield nice tight birdseye for the smooth top, and ring grain for the blast. The higher grades will also have smooth bottoms ((like Etude 15)

Opus #2, Bulldogs and Rhodesians--theme and variations on a classic shape. I have grown to love these shapes. They have proven to be extremely challenging and formed a large part of my pipemaking education. Etudes 12, 16, 18 (CP 2006), and 20 have all contributed.

Look for more Opus series pipes soon!

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