Wednesday, 06 June 2007 15:34

Last Night at Briar & Bean

6-6-07: The last Pipe Night at the Briar & Bean: Last night was my first Pipe Night at the Briar & Bean. In fact, it was my first visit to any pipe club. I had a great time! Henry Bailey is a fantastic host. I met a bunch of great guys and had a great time smoking and visiting. I took a few pipes to show. They met with lots of interest and many positive comments. Unfortunately, my first pipe night at this location was also my last!

Due to the state wide smoking ban in TN, this is the last pipe night at the B&B's Clarksville mall location. Very thankfully, they move into their new digs sometime late this summer or early fall. Until then, no more smoking in the store as of July 1! This is so senseless. With the air filtration they have in there, you could not get even a whiff of smoke outside the back half of the shop, let alone in the coffee bar area at the front of the store. There is simply no way it could have crept into the mall.

The new B&B location will be much better, and I suspect this move may prove to be a blessing in the long run, but it was really fun to be able to take the family last night, turn them loose for an evening of shopping in the mall and enjoy a great time myself amidst a cloud of contained pipe smoke and fine conversation.

I'm in complete support of the sensible smoking regulations, but these national, state, county, or city wide bans are crazy! If a business wants to cater to smokers, what's the harm in that? No one is forcing non-smokers into establishments that allow smoking. If a bar or restaurant, or shop of any kind wants to allow smoking, or have a smoking section, and that bothers non-smokers, they are free to leave and enjoy taking their business (in a huff, if not a puff) to any number of smoke free establishments nearby.

I heard an interview with a pub owner in the UK, which is facing the ramifications of a nation wide smoking ban. They estimate 97% of their clientele, and all of their employees smoke! The 3% that don't have decided they like the company of smokers and don't seem to mind the smoke, yet soon smoking will be illegal in pubs as well as any other public space in the UK. Is the US heading there? Yes, no doubt, but it's happening state by state.

We are no longer a free country. The rights of a significant minority are being systematically eliminated by the majority. Perhaps we are being punished for being less courteous then we should have been with our previous freedoms? Regardless, we are the new favorite whipping boy of a society that is out of control in their desire to control.

We are facing a new moral majority in the US, one which is largely spearheaded by what was previously a liberal minority. Go figure! I really hate politics, especially when there is a ground swell of people that think that they can legislate their own version of morality. I hated it when it was largely sympathetic with my own lifestyle, and I hate when it's trampling on my freedoms. I'd go on, but I'd be preaching to the choir since this is a pipe web site!

Incidentally, I know you did not get here because of a Goggle add, because Goggle will not accept adds for any tobacco related items, even healthy artistic ones like pipes! Oh gosh, I think I've found a new thing to rant about.....