Monday, 09 July 2007 15:34

A Great Vacation

7-9-07: A great vacation: Having spent all my money on pipe making equipment, briar, and rod, I was too broke to go anywhere on vacation this summer. That's actually been a blessing. I've had the last 2 weeks, and this next week to make pipes, and work on the studio!

I've spent most of that time learning the shape first, drill second method, favored by many of the Danish masters, as well as a few makers of American high grades. The first two were a great education, and I'll enjoy them for my own collection (see placed pipes). I just finished the third "vacation" pipe using this new method this morning. It's Etude #33, a very decent Volcano, which is now available, and currently the featured pipe on the right. This method has a huge advantage for certain shapes. It's easier to follow grain and work around flaws while shaping freehand, without yet having to worry about the drilling. Once the shape is established, drilling is then a mater of working with the shape instead of the shape having to work with the drilling. It's not the be all and end all of methods, but it's a great option, and I'm very excited to have it available now.

One of the other big projects has been getting more and better light in the studio. I painted two walls, and the ceiling white. That's helped a bunch. Added a couple of lights with Daylight bulbs in them too, which helps with seeing things at all with my aging eyes, and also seeing color and grain more accurately.briar rack

I also built some custom briar drawers/racks with wire mesh bottoms. These fit neatly under one of my work benches and hold 100 plus blocks of briar for easy access and selection. Most importantly, they provide maximum airflow for curing.

I should get a couple more pipes made by the end of the week, as well as a trip to Nashville for a pipe club meeting. I'm also going to sneak in taking my youngest son to a baseball game for his birthday, see my oldest in a concert, and I enjoyed a week long visit from my middle son (the pipe smoker), who helped me work out a couple ideas for the Volcano. In short, it's been a great vacation!

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