Monday, 30 July 2007 15:36


7-30-07: MAPS: I had a fantastic time at the Milwaukee pipe show Friday night and Saturday. After an 8 1/2 hour drive Friday it was great to spend a little time at Jack's Tobacco . Jack has a nice shop and the MAPS folks put out a great spread to welcome us into town. These days it's rare to be able to hang out and smoke pipes out in public, and this was a great evening of doing just that with a wonderful group of folks.

Saturday's pipe show was great. Pistol Pete's is a great spot for this the show. Lots of folks came through and I had a fine time visiting with everyone who stopped by the table. As usual, I didn't manage to get many pictures, but my new pipe maker friend Mike Brissett snapped the shot of me at left.

And here's a somewhat out of focus shot of the layout:table layout at MAPS

In addition to meeting Mike, another highlight for me was meeting Ed Jerkiewicz of E. Andrews Ed is a very nice guy and I really enjoyed talking shop with him as well as seeing some beautiful pipes he'd brought. Here is a shot of Ed at his table:

A big thanks to all the folks at MAPS for all the work they did to put on a fine pipe show.

Now I'm really looking forward to the NASPC show in Columbus in August.




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