Monday, 22 October 2007 15:36

Pipe Shows

10-22-07: Pipe Shows: I'm really looking forward to the Kansas City show next month, so I'm remembering the great time at the NASPC show last August--my table is depicted at left. I arrived late Friday night and walked right into a great time enjoying the hospitality and companionship of NASPCers John Tolle, Bill Unger, and Charles Perry (thanks guys!), along with my friend Craig Loscalzo and a buddy of his and several other new friends.

It's great to be able to sit, visit, smoke, and share a beverage with friends. We have so few places and opportunities to do that these days, it makes it all the more special when we get the chance.

In a late night stroll amongst the rooms I ran into Jeff Gracik of (J. Alan Pipes) . Jeff's work is very inspiring and he is a huge encouragement. When I grow up, I want to be like Jeff, but I'm nearly twice his age!

Attending pipe shows has been a huge inspiration. It's fascinating to see what interests collectors as they peruse the tables. Amazing how many times certain pipes are picked up and set down and others are just glanced at, while thankfully others are bought right up. In addition to always meeting new friends and hopefully some customers, pipe shows are one of the best sources of pipe making inspiration to be found anywhere. For one, it's rare to see any, let alone many high grades anywhere else these days. I thrive on the fellowship with other pipe makers the shows afford (like my late night visit with Jeff). Sharing ideas and hands on critiques with peers, and occasional advice and encouragement from the sages (even very young ones ;) will fuel endless exploration. I sure hope pipe shows will find a way to survive all the smoking bans and ordinances.

I had to miss the CORPS show in Richmond this year due to a conflict at work, but have high hopes of making it next year. Meanwhile I'm excitedly looking forward to Kansas City early next month, and then any show I can get to next year!


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