Monday, 19 November 2007 15:37

Kansas City Show Wrap-Up

11-19-07: Kansas City: The Greater Kansas City Pipe show was fantastic! I met lots of great new friends, had a fantastic time visiting with folks, and especially enjoyed visiting with some fellow pipe makers Saturday night. Oh, and I sold two pipes and received a commission for a third, so it was successful in that sense too!

Here is a shot of me visiting with a new friend at the table.

Quinton and the GKCPC focused on attracting North American pipe makers to their show this year, and there were 20 in attendance. It was great to see the variety of offerings, and especially fun to visit and talk shop with fellow pipe makers.

I had several very interesting and encouraging talks. One in particular was with a large retailer that is interested in stocking a selection of my pipes. While so far my production is far too limited to consider this as a viable option for the present, my hope is this will be feasible soon.

As with any pipe show I looked for opportunities to get a hands on look at some ultra high grades. This time I was struck with the absolute beauty of the stem work I was seeing, and I'm now fine tuning my process to get my stem work to the next level. In particular I want them to be thinner over all, as well as more refined shapes. In addition I need to fine tune my lathe operation with sharper bits and techniques that will produce a cleaner hand cut tenon and stem face.

Nothing like a pipe show to charge the batteries and hone the eye. I'm looking forward to applying what I've seen and learned this fall and winter. Stay tuned!


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