Thursday, 26 December 2013 21:26

2013 Christmas Pipes, the Tradition Continues

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Two of Three Thile Boys opened their Christmas pipes on Christmas, and the third has very recently married, and I expect he is a bit too pre-ocupied to have this post spoil the surprise. So, here we have them, the 2013 Christmas pipes--contrast blasted billiards with celluloid ivory accented hand cut German Ebonite stems that have intigral tenons.

John, our middle son, prefers Virginia's, so he's getting the Christmas Cheer, which has been a big hit with him. His older brother, Chris, and his younger brother, Daniel, seem to like, or at least tolerate, latikia blends. When I recently tried and fell in love with Frog Morton Cellar I decided it would make a good gift for the two of them. 

Oh, and if you should happen to see a fourth pipe with bamboo, that's for me! Kind of a combination experiment salvage project finished for my own Christmas pipe!