Friday, 25 December 2015 22:37

2015 Christmas Pipes

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Several years ago I started a tradition of making Christmas pipes for my sons. They all three smoke, one a little less than the others, but all three enjoy the tradition, or at least humor me with it! 2014 Christmas pipes were contrast blasted bent eggs w/celluloid, 2013 Christmas pipes were Blasted Lovats, 2012 Christmas pipes were blasted straight bulldogs, 2011 Christmas Pipes were smooth Lovats, and 2010 Christmas pipes, was the first year of making the boys pipes for Christmas. They were different shapes for each.

Drumrole Please: The 2015 Christmas pipes are a version of my Opus 2 bent bulldog, sporting a contrast partial blast with smooth tops. Chris's and Daniel's have cumberland stems, while John's has traditionl black ebonite (John finds cumberland a bit distracting). Christopher's Christmas Pipe (CCP), is Opus 2 #358, John's (JCP), is Opus 2 #359, and Daniel's (DCP), is Opus 2 #360. Check out the pics! With any luck at all, we will get a chance to fire a couple of these up later this evening following what looks and smells like an amazing Christmas Dinner!

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