Tuesday, 26 December 2017 18:11

2017 Christmas Pipes and a Wooden Dump Truck

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Several years ago I started a tradition of making Christmas pipes for my sons. They all three smoke, one a little less than the others, but all three enjoy the tradition, or at least humor me with it! 2016 Christmas Pipes were blasted Cherry Woods with natuaral plateaux tops, 2015 Christmas pipes were bent bulldogs, mostly blasted, but with smooth tops, 2014 Christmas pipes were contrast blasted bent eggs w/celluloid, 2013 Christmas pipes were Blasted Lovats, 2012 Christmas pipes were blasted straight bulldogs, 2011 Christmas Pipes were smooth Lovats, and 2010 Christmas pipes, was the first year of making the boys pipes for Christmas. They were different shapes for each.

Drumrole Please: The 2017 Christmas pipes are Cherry Woods again, but this time they are smooth. And my Grandson, Calvin, who is now 2 1/2 years old gets a Dump Truck from various scrap, reclaimed, and repurposed woods I had in the shop. These include Mahogony, Walnut, Oak, Quarter Sawn Maple, and Zebra wood. The pipes have Zebra Wood stem accents to match.

I could not get all the pipes finished in time to snap a photo of them all together, so I have Chris's pipe and Calvin's truck, then pipes for John and Daniel, and finally, you may notice a slightly bent blasted bulldog. This is my gift to me this year! It's made of Strawberry Wood. My first of this material, and I wanted to make sure it smoked well before offering Strawberry wood pipes to my clients. I enjoyed making these gifts so much, and my family seems to enjoy receiving them, or are at least willing to humor me....

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