Wednesday, 21 May 2008 16:09

A.S.P POY #1 (49) Rusticated Grade D Belge

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$175 SOLD, 2/10/08, Thanks!

Grade D
Height: 1.97 "
Diameter: 1.37
Overall Length: 7"
Chamber Diameter: .75"
Chamber Depth: 1.1.75"
Weight: 32 grams (1.1 oz)

Made from Grecian briar with a hand cut German Ebonite Stem and integral tenon.

This was the prototype for my A.S.P POY Belge shape. Nice red highlights on top of the dark brown finish. It's wxtremely lght for it's size and should be an excellent smoker.

I need to point out the nomenclature picture. If you look clossley bellow the "4" in "49", you see that I slipped on the first attempt. I don't find it to distracting, but it could certainly be an issue for some. This should be a great smooker, and is an excellent value.

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