Sunday, 04 March 2007 23:29

Adventures in Ordering Briar From Italy

I'm working on two Opus 2 pipes. A squat Rhodesian, and a bulldog. Also an Etude (trying to nail down a nicer Calabash interpretation). I've ordered sample briar from Calabria Pipes in Italy, but having a heck of a time wiring them the money for it!

IBAN numbers must be used for all wires from the US now (as of Feb1 07). And apparently this has confused Calabria Pipes, and perhaps their bank! Europeans who have been using IBAN for some time now, but not used to supplying IBANs when dealing with transfers from the US. It's been very frustrating to watch my briar supply dwindling while having my sample shipment of briar from Calabria Pipes delayed by failed wire attempts! Part of the problem is the 7 hour time difference between here and Italy, and then there is also the language barrier!. I suggested we try Western Union, at least I think that's what I suggested. It's a little hard to know what with the translation and all! Hopefully I'll have an E-mail from Mr. Carlino early tomorrow morning.