Monday, 22 October 2007 23:36

Slew of New Pipes

Gosh, it's been a long time since I updated the bench section. I just finished and posted 5 new pipes (see Available Pipes . This is my most successful batch ever (I was 5 for 5). Normally there is at least one or more in any given batch that won't make the cut, and this time they all made it!

They comprise two Opus 1 Pokerbash Smooths, two Opus 2 smooth bulldogs, and a nice bulldog partial blast with a smooth top. It's amazing how nicely and quickly that blasted. Beautiful ring grain just popped right out this time! Anyway, I loved seeing this group of five on the bench as they were coming together.

Busily getting ready for the Kansas City show on November 3rd and 4th. Hope to get at least a couple more finished in addition to the five just off the bench.

I'm really enjoying some additions to the shop equipment.

The first is a dedicated two disk sanding station where I can sit comfortably while shaping at the disks. This has greatly facilitated the shaping process already, and once I get proficient with it I should be able to eliminate the blind side shaping I was doing previously with the one sided disk approach.

I've also set up an improved buffing station that I can sit at and has two wheels. Now I can easily move from brown tripoli to a finer white compound I use while buffing. Then for the final polishing I can change those over to Carnuba and a flannel buff.

In addition to being easier on my back (which is not what it once was), these sitting stations allow me to see the work better and encourage me to spend more time with the processes. I'll try to snap some pictures of these stations and add them to my Workshop link.

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