Monday, 19 November 2007 23:37

First Commission!

I'm excited to be working on my first commission--a Canadian for Bill Schaffart. Bill is a collector with a specific focus--Canadians made to his specifications by a select group of pipe makers. I was honored when Bill approached me at the show in Kansas City to be part of the project.

After culling through all my blocks I found two that I think look promising and will work with the specs Bill provided for the project. I'm going to work both of these through in hopes at least one of them will pan out. I've made several Lovats, but these will be my first Canadians. While I enjoy working up my own designs, it was nice to have some specs to work from with the freedom and encouragement to make something uniquely my own while still within the framework of the project.

Also on the bench are two freehands--A Volcano, and a Dublin. I've got them both rough shaped and marked out for freehand drilling, and both show significant promise.

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