Friday, 25 January 2008 23:38

Back in the Shop

Gosh, it's good to be back in the shop. Between the holidays and nursing a bad back I did very little pipe making in November and December. I did manage to finish Bill Schaffart's Canadian, and he seems pleased with it. I was especially glad to hear that Bill smoked it on Christmas Day.

Thanks again Bill. I hope to eventually get a chance to see the assortment of Canadians from pipe makers around the world that Bill has commissioned for his project.


Just off the bench are three pipes: a blasted billiard that was started as a Canadian, along with Bill's commission, a freehand volcano with really nice grain (along with a couple of specs and small flaws, alas), and a nearly perfectly clean Freehand Horn that has gorgeous grain! (see available pipes).

Now on the bench, actually on the desk, is a Belge design for my A.S.P Pipe of the Year (POY) submission. This is my first year in ASP POY, and I'm excited to apart of it. Other pipe makers participating this year are Mark Tinsky, Rad Davis, and Sinan Altinok. I'm shooting for my own version of a somewhat classical version of the Belge with a slight twist according to the individual block. Never heard of a Belge? Well, to be honest, neither had I. Here is an interesting link to get up to speed on this interesting traditional shape from the past, and a couple of contemporary twists on it. Stay tuned for the SETHILE Belge!