Sunday, 10 February 2008 00:59

The Year of the Belge

Just off the bench is a batch of three Belges for the Alt.Smokers.Pipes - Pipe of the Year project. I had a fantastic time working on these and I'm anxious to dive into more.

I had not been familiar with this shape until just recently and I'm finding it affords a lot of scope for blending the traditional along with an occasional leaning in the Danish direction when the briar dictates, making it a perfect match for exploring one of my favorite approaches to pipe making. I'm really looking forward to spending time with the Belge this year. My prototype sold right off the starting line this morning, which was very gratifying, thanks Stephen! Another big thanks to Alan Dye for putting the project together this year. Veteran ASP carver, Mark Tinskey and the amazing Rad Davis both have some beautiful Belges in briar as part of the project, and Sinan Altinok has some beautiful meerschaums. I'm very happy and proud to be in such excellent company!

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