Saturday, 15 March 2008 01:17

Three Done; Six for Spring Break

Just off the bench are the three freehands I blogged about most recently, Freehand 52, a grade C partially blasted Eggy Apple, Freehand 53, a partially blasted Volcano, which did not make the cut, and Freehand 54, a nice partially blasted grade D horn. Had a great time with these, but experienced some frustration along the way. Namely, the usual pits and flaws, a little trouble with chamber on the Volcano, and perhaps the worst malady was sanding through to the airways in two of the original stems in my effort to refine my stem shapes. I'm really after more graceful stems, but my oh my, what I see in my mind's eye is close to the bone, and it seems getting too close is the start of that refining process! Well, I suppose 5 stems for three pipes is a small price to pay for better looking stems!

BTW, I've added a new section to the site called Pipe Making, and will include the more involved essays and photo essays there instead of here on the blog. 

I'm very excited to be at the start of my Spring Break from my university work, and plan to spend a good deal of it here in the shop in hopes of making significant progress toward pipes for the Chicago pipe show as well as replenishing my website offerings.

On the bench now are six layed out stummels, one somewhat traditional Opus 2 bulldog, two more Danish influenced Opus 2 Bulldogs, and three of my Opus 1 PokerBash  shapes. Three representatives appear here. I will all be using the drill first, partially turned on the lathe method and hope to chronicle this method for the new pipe making section. These look promising so far, but one never knows at this stage--stay tuned!

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