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Workshop Tour

IMG_4850-1In Summer and Fall 2011 I was able to make a lot of exciting improvements to the workshop. First I upgraded the electrical service adding three dedicated 220V circuits for my compressor, dust collector, and my long awaited lathe, a Precision Matthews PM1236, which arrived in November after a 6 month wait! Also added lots of 20A 110 circuits. No more running into the house after throwing a breaker! In preperation for the new tools I also did some painting, ran dust collection pipe and hose and compressed air lines to several different work stations. I also had to re-organize the shop to fit the new lathe and added a 2HP 3600 RPM motor for 36 grit wheel while retaining the 1750 motor for finer grits and buffing. I also built a seperate free standing briar rack.  

IMG_4855-1In March of 2010 I added the 36 grit wheel after visitin with Todd Johnson and Bruce Weaver for a few days. I now spend a great deal of my pipe making time at that station. The dust collection box is attached to my shop vac for now, but I have hopes of replacing that with a full blown dust collector soon. And I'd love to replace my 9x20 lathe with a Precision Matthews 1127VF sometime in 2011.

In Summer 2009 I reorganized after replacing the dilapidated garage door with a new insolated door that has a row of windows, so I have much more natural light. Included in the improvements was a new bench/cabinet, which was scrounged from one of the old science labs decommissioned at Murray State. I had to add a top, a side, and a back, but it's maple with dovetail joints so it should hold up well. I also made a rack and a new shelf for lathe tools.

Click on one of the pics bellow and start the slide show to see the current tooling and general shop set up:

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